Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dear Parents:

In my time as an elementary educator, I've come to realize that many parents seem to want their child to have the kind of childhood they wanted to have. This is perhaps the worst bit of parenting behavior you can ever develop.

When you were a child, were you intelligent enough to make decisions about when it is okay to play, or when to go to bed? NO! So why are you giving them a childhood as designed by a seven-year-old?

Case in point: deciding to take your child out of class for vacation... while school is still going on. You've just told your child, "education doesn't matter; recreation is much more important."

As troublesome as this is, the truth is much more dangerous: by taking your child out of class, their brain begins to think it's okay to shut off, often at the most vital stages of the year; upon returning, the child is less capable of completing their work, and may end up losing out on the next grade. And whose fault is this? Not the teacher's; not the student's; yes, the parents'.

Next time you think it's a good idea to take your child out of school for a "much needed rest," ask yourself a simple question: ARE YOU STUPID?! Then, you might think twice about taking advice from a seven-year-old you.

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